Ford and B&O Beosonic put perfect sound at your fingertips

The advent of streaming services, audiobooks, digital radio and podcasts mean drivers have access to a wider range of music and spoken word entertainment than ever before. But while it has long been possible to adjust settings to optimise the sound for different genres of music and outputs, it has not always been straightforward to do so, especially on the move.

The new Beosonic™ feature of the B&O Sound System in Ford cars enables drivers and passengers to adjust the sound exactly as they want with one touch. Users simply select from distinct “Bright”, “Energetic”, “Relaxed” and “Warm” sound spaces, or choose a setting that combines elements of more than one. There are also five pre-set modes: “Custom”, “Lounge”, “Neutral”, “Party” and “Podcast”.

“Whether you prefer to listen to classical music, the latest hits or a favourite podcast, we want to ensure that it is easy to enjoy your preferred choice to its maximum potential. Drivers have long had the means to adjust the sound in their car, but Beosonic makes those adjustments more intuitive, to help make journeys more comfortable and enjoyable,” said Jan Schroll, connectivity manager, Ford of Europe.

How it works

The B&O Beosonic™ feature is set up so that drivers can easily find their preferred sound mix, whether in a specific mood or any of the variations in between:

  • “Bright” is more airy and crisp while softening some of the bass sounds
  • “Energetic” focuses on rhythm and bass, while increasing the contrast in the vocals
  • “Relaxed” has less treble and bass, making it ideal for background listening
  • “Warm” makes the sound experience feel more intimate and closer

The pre-sets enable quicker access to specific listening modes. “Custom” returns to the previous user-defined setting, while “Neutral” resets the settings to the B&O reference sound. A double-tap on the white marker activates surround sound mode. The latest settings are stored when the vehicle is switched off, even if the battery is disconnected.

The ultimate soundcheck

In order to tune, test and perfect the Beosonic™ equaliser, HARMAN`s acoustic engineers used an eclectic playlist of 25 songs to evaluate and define the attributes for the four sound moods. The tuning process involved listening to these 25 songs in static and dynamic driving situations, using the trained ears of acoustic engineers and cutting-edge measuring instruments and microphones.

“The Ford and B&O brands share the same values on excellence in sound and design. We are very proud that the visceral B&O Beosonic one touch experience makes its way into car audio for the very first time in Ford with an intuitive interface, making captivating car audio experiences simple to manage,” said Greg Sikora, director, Acoustic Systems Engineering, HARMAN.

B&O Sound Systems available across the Ford line-up are uniquely designed and tuned for each model. Beosonic™ comes pre-installed in select models of EcoSport, Fiesta, Focus, Kuga and Puma with B&O Sound Systems. * Customers can test the feature online here.