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Ford Electric Vehicles

The future is electric - Ford plans to release 40 electrified vehicles by 2022.

Ford plans to release 16 fully electric vehicles within a global portfolio of 40 electrified vehicles by 2022. Ford's all-new fully-electric performance utility vehicle arrives in 2020 with a targeted range of approximately 300 miles/480km*.

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Which Electric Vehicle is right for you?

There’s a lot of information about electric vehicles out there. And trying to choose a vehicle to fit your lifestyle isn’t easy. That’s why we’ve put together all of the facts you need to help choose the car that’s right for you.

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Government Grants

The government offers a Plug-in Car grant of up to £3,500 off the purchase price of certain hybrid and electric cars, or up to £8,000 for electric vans. Other benefits include car tax exemptions if you own a zero-emissions vehicle. Plus, you can get money off installation charges if you opt for an at-home charging station. Find out more