ŠKODA powers up design and functionality updates for new 2022 ENYAQ iV

  • Rapid DC charging speeds increased to up to 135kW for ENYAQ iV 80 models
  • New Traction mode for all-wheel drive ENYAQ iV 80x variants
  • New Battery Care Mode helps to extend the life of the battery
  • Updated Traffic Assist system gains new features
  • Improved graphics show additional battery charge information

ŠKODA is introducing a number of updates to its award-winning ENYAQ iV model that will further enhance the ownership experience for drivers. The improvements mean that owners will gain improved functionality from the infotainment system, enhanced safety systems and faster DC rapid charging.

Although the ENYAQ iV already has one of the fastest DC charging capabilities in the sector, the updated model will offer speeds of up to 135kW (up from 125kW) for all ENYAQ iV 80 models built from January 2022. This will deliver reduced charging times for drivers when fast charging on a suitable (150kW+) public charger. ENYAQ iV 60 models will now be able to charge at speeds up to 120kW (up from 100kW).

Customers who opt for all-wheel drive models (ENYAQ iV 80x) will also benefit from a new ‘Traction mode’. Activated via the driving mode screen on the infotainment system, Traction mode increases ASR (Anti-Slip regulation) and provides optimal drive distribution between the front and rear axle. The new Battery Care Mode, which is controlled via the infotainment screen, has been designed to set the optimal charging settings for extending the life of the battery. When activated the next charging process will charge to a maximum of 80%.

The graphic displays of the infotainment system have also been updated to deliver even more information to drivers. Drivers using the navigation system will be able to see an estimated battery level on arrival when a destination is programmed. This is particularly useful in planning charging stops. In addition, the charging screen has been redesigned to show more information plus extra functionality including AC charge options and predefined charging and preconditioning for the cabin. 

Customers choosing the Assisted Drive Package Plus with Travel Assist benefit from additional features. These include Narrow Lane Assist where the car recognises temporary yellow lines, barriers and cars in the next lane and guides the car through narrowed spaces. In addition, the steering wheel travel assist button will now allow drivers to toggle between travel assist modes as well as activating and de-activating the system. When the vehicle is started again the last mode used will be active.