ŠKODA Fabia The new ŠKODA FABIA packs a lot of living into a compact car, with clever connectivity that keeps the family entertained on long trips alongside the latest safety features as standard. The re-imagined and surprisingly spacious interior combined with striking new exterior design guarantees the new FABIA grabs attention.
ŠKODA Fabia Specifications


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    LED Daytime Running Lights LED daytime running lights streamline the bonnet for a sleeker looks and more presence on the road. They also give you visibility through all journeys by adjusting the light intensity to match the conditions you are driving in.
    Blind Spot Detection Enables you to see what is around you. If something enters your blind sport, a sensor in the corner of each wing mirror turns yellow, telling you it's not safe to pull out.
    Panoramic Roof Let the natural light pour inside through the panoramic roof which gives open views through the entire top of the car. You and your passengers get a great window to the world outside your vehicle.
    Rear Traffic Alert Monitors what is behind the car when you are reversing, letting out an audio signal if it detects a potential collision.


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      Under seat umbrella An unexpected downpour will not be an issue in the New Fabia, which features an under-the-seat umbrella - so long as you remember to put it back in the car.
      Front armrest It goes without saying that the front armrest can be used as an armrest...but that's not all. The armrest also contains a hidden storage for all the items that you want to keep close by but out of site.
      Adjustable parcel shelf The boot of the ŠKODA Fabia features an adjustable parcel shelf which allows you to adjust the height to suit the items that you are carrying to suit your needs.


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        Satellite Navigation The clear, accurate and easy-to-follow Amundsen Satellite navigation system with 6.5" Touchscreen Display makes it simple to keep your journey on course and your eyes on the road.
        Smartlink+ screen inside Fabia colour edition (including Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and Mirrorlink Connectivity)
        SmartLink+ A way to use your smartphone features safely whilst driving. SmartLink+ makes it easy to take calls, play music and use navigation services handsfree. You can also monitor, analyse and learn to improve you driving style with SmartGate.
        ŠKODA Connect Turn your FABIA into a connected hub. Infotainment online gives you traffic reports, weather forecasts and news updates. Proactive Services connects your new FABIA to your ŠKODA retailer to arrange a service.
        Your Next Steps If you would like to discuss this model or have any questions, please get in touch with us via live chat, enquiry form, email or phone.