Discover the ŠKODA Electric vehicle range

Introducing the new generation of electric vehicles from ŠKODA. 

Why choose electric?

Charging is quick and easy

You can charge your electric car’s battery almost anywhere: from a household socket, a wallbox, or at public charging and fast-charging stations. There is one simple rule: the higher the charging power, the faster the charging process. Once you try it, you’ll find it’s almost as easy as charging your smartphone.​

No anxiety about long-distance trips

Electric cars offer a range far exceeding what you need on an average day, no matter what the weather, driving style or load. And if you need the car to tackle a longer journey, perhaps when you go on holiday, you can charge your electric car at an ever-expanding network of public charging and fast-charging stations, which are quick and simple to use, especially with our Powerpass.

Electric cars go easier on your wallet

Besides saving the environment, you save money. The running costs of electric cars are cheaper in comparison to cars with a combustion engine*. Owners also get to enjoy many other benefits, such as free parking, no congestion charge and free charging in public places such as supermarkets.

The Electric Range


All-New, All-Electric

The electric Škoda Enyaq iV 80 has a fresh new take on technology, performance and environmental responsibility. With striking features such as its 19" Regulus alloy wheels, chrome roof rails and two-spoke heated steering wheel.

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Enyaq Coupé iV 80

Experience the Electric thrill

Introducing the Škoda Enyaq Coupé iV 80. The model's exterior design doesn’t simply bring more emotion and elegance to the Škoda iV family – it brings edge.

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