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Motability - Am I Eligible?

You could qualify for the Motability Scheme if you receive any of the following benefits:

  • The Enhanced Rate for Mobility on the Personal Independence Payment (PIP);
  • The War Pensioners Mobility Supplement (WPMS);
  • The Armed Forces Independence Payment (AFIP).

There is no upper age limit in joining the motability scheme, as long as you receive one of the benefits listed above. You'll also need to have at least 12 months left on your current benefits allowance entitlement. Unfortunately the Attendance Benefit does not qualify you for a vehicle under the motability scheme. In addition the Disability Living Allowance (DLA) has started to be phased out in favour of the Personal Independence Payment for all disabled people between the ages of 16 and 64. However if you still currently are receiving the DLA then you will still be able to claim a vehicle, providing that you meet the other criteria.

If you are awarded the Enhanced Rate of the Mobility Component of PIP, you will continue to be able to lease a car through the Motability Scheme, as you did previously.

But don't worry if you have at least 12 months of your current allowance remaining, then you still be able to choose your new vehicle during the PIP rollout.

Do I Need a Driving Licence?

You are able to nominate friends and family members to drive the vehicle on your behalf if you are unable to drive yourself. So you will not need a driving licence for the motability scheme, unless you are planning to drive the vehicle yourself. You are able to nominate two family members or friends for free, this can be extended to a third for an additional cost. All nominated drivers must live within 5 miles of your home address and must agree to the Terms & Conditions of the motability scheme to be eligible for nomination.

Eligibility of your nominated drivers is at the discretion of the motability scheme, and largely depends on age/criminal record/insurance group of chosen vehicle. Additionally you are only able to nominate one person under the age of 21, and any drivers under 25 are limited to a vehicle with 115 bhp or less in insurance brackets 1-16. Please bear this in mind when making your decision.

Parents & Guardians are also able to apply for a motability vehicle on behalf of a child 3 years or older, as long as the child receives the Disability Living Allowance. The parent or guardian will then become the nominated driver on this vehicle.

More Information

We have specialist Motability Advisors at all of our Furrows dealerships, fully trained and available to discuss all of your requirements. If you have any questions please contact your local specialist now.

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