ŠKODA Octavia The fourth-generation ŠKODA Octavia is the most advanced and sophisticated model ever to wear the Octavia badge. Building on 60 years of Octavia tradition, it sets new sector benchmarks for value, practicality and equipment.
ŠKODA Octavia Hatchback You could stick to the path. Follow the rules. Never question convention. You could live your life according to others. But where's the fun in that? Life is for living on your terms. At your pace. That's where the Octavia provides a beautifully compelling option. It enables you to personalise your driving experience at every turn. It keeps you fully connected to your online world. And it features all the latest driver assistance systems you need to break free of routine in absolute safety.
Škoda Octavia Hatchback Specifications


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    A feeling like no other The Octavia's exterior is the perfect expression of emotion in motion. Adoration, affection, amazement - the dynamic lines and sharp design of the exterior quickly evoke a great sense of each, delivering a compelling fusion of aesthetics, safety and practicality.
    LED headlights While every light on the Octavia is stylish, none are quite as innovative as the front headlights. Optional across our trims, matrix technology uses a windscreen camera to detect both the driver in front and oncoming traffic.
    Performance and aerodynamics The Octavia's impressive aerodynamics haven't simply enhanced driving performance and fuel efficiency, they've also set the industry benchmark in terms of drag resistance.
    Rear led lights Beautifully practical. There's really no better way to describe the full LED rear lights, which feature animated turn indicators to stylishly inform other drivers where you're turning. The lights also showcase ŠKODA's distinctive C-shape crystalline style with their prominent and eye-catching multi-faceted finish.


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      Ambient lighting Transform the mood of your interior with LED ambient lighting. A wide choice of colour options is available, which come to vibrant life with a quick touch on the infotainment display. Lights run along the inside of the car, in foot wells, on door handles and in the luggage compartment.
      Virtual cockpit Replacing old-fashioned instrument dials, the Virtual Cockpit cleverly displays onboard computer specifications in combination with other key data such as maps. Intuitively designed to avoid distraction, the head-up display shows key driving data in a way that's easy to absorb at a glance.
      Touch slider The multimedia 10" display enables touch slider operation. You don't now have to touch the screen to adjust volume levels or navigation zoom, when you do require on-screen functionality, an ergonomic wrist rest is provided for added comfort.


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        Rear parking sensors This function removes the stress of bay and parallel parking by identifying of the parking spot of big enough before automatically steering into the space.
        Adaptive cruise control Adapt your speed automatically with Adaptive Cruise Control, which uses the radar in the front grille to maintain a constant distance from the vehicle in front at speeds of 15mph or more.
        Front assist with pedestrian protection demonstration on the new ŠKODA Octavia
        Front assist Using a radar device in the front grille, the Front Assist system is designed to monitor the distance from the vehicle ahead, and also includes an emergency braking function.
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