The all-new Škoda Enyaq iV Say hello to Škoda's first fully electric car. The all-new Škoda Enyaq iV isn't just a new SUV. It's a brand new philosophy.
All-New Škoda Enyaq iV Welcome to the Enyaq iV. Get ready for more comfort in the seat, fun behind the wheel and adventure on the horizon. Then prepare yourself for electrifying acceleration, enhanced connectivity and a brand-new approach to interior design. After all, to carry the iV badge means more than simply being an innovative vehicle. It means embracing change and leaving nothing behind. Fitting for an SUV with zero emissions.
All-New Škoda Enyaq iV Specifications


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    Headlight design The unique crystal structure, characteristic of Škoda design, emphasises the three-dimensionality of the headlights and transforms them into a work of art. The top-end option features full LED Matrix headlights, which offer an innovative road lighting solution and higher degree of safety.
    Electric panoramic sunroof Enjoy extra freedom, sunlight and fresh ar all at the simple touch of a button with this optional extra. Made from tinted glass, it allows you to create a large open space above the front seats and further enhances the car's exterior style.
    Dynamic signature With its distinctive lines and sharp edges, the Enyaq iV looks dynamic even before it starts moving. This is also supported by the dynamically shaped rear lights penetrated deep into the wings.
    Plug-in charging Whether at home, at work or on the go, keeping your Enyaq iV charged has never been easier. You'll find the plug where the fuel tank's usually located, so just plug in your car and away you'll soon go.


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      Double pocket Free up your fingertips while still keeping your essentials close to hand with these double pockets on the back of the front seats.
      Head-up display Cleverly designed to avoid distraction, the augmented reality head-up display shows key driving data in a way that's easy to absorb at a glance.
      Virtual cockpit The Enyaq iV showcases electric innovation at every turn. Dashboard included. Forget old-fashioned dials, here you'll find a full-colour Virtual Cockpit featuring a range of display layouts that can be toggled via the steering wheel.


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        Remote charging Control your charging in the palm of your hand with the Remote Charging app. You can not only track the status of the charge, but also set a predetermined charging time to help with off-peak charging.
        Phonebox with wireless charging The Phone Box is a mobile phone storage compartment in the centre console that enables mobile calls even when the signal is weak.
        Front assist A collision-alert safety system monitoring the situation in front of the vehicle via radar. Faced with an unavoidable collision, it applies the brakes to minimise the consequences.
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