New-generation Octavia MK1 - 1996 - 2004

1,451,636 cars built

An all-new Octavia was one of the cornerstones of ŠKODA’s ambitious design and engineering programme following its acquisition by the Volkswagen Group in 1991. Within five years, the dream became a reality. Built on an all-new Mlada Bolelsav production line, it signalled the start of ŠKODA’s re-emergence as a mainstream car maker and proved an instant hit with buyers.

Such was the international demand for the Octavia, that the UK had to wait until 2006 for the first right-hand drive examples to arrive in retailers. By then the range had already expanded to include an estate version, along with a wide variety of engine and trim options. ŠKODA’s first vRS model – complete with 180PS engine – arrived in 2001, along with a four-wheel drive estate variant.

In the UK more than 78,839 of this new generation Octavia Mk1 were sold.

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