More sunshine... more glare time

While any amount of sunshine is welcomed at this time of year, the glaring low winter sun is taking no prisoners. So how can you make sure you stay safe on the road?

According to IAM RoadSmart, drivers have many tools to help protect them from the glaring low winter sun, but they often forget to use them. The organisation’s Head of Driving & Riding Standards Richard Gladman advises that they should:

  • Keep the windscreen clean both inside and out. Dirt or salt residue will magnify the effect of the sun.
  • Keep a cloth or chamois to wipe away the dirty film that builds up on the inside due to screen heating and condensation.
  • On the outside, check for chips or cracks, replace worn wiper blades and make sure the washer bottle is kept well topped up with good quality screen fluid strong enough to avoid freezing
  • Use your sun visor. This may sound pretty standard, but a surprising number of people forget.
  • Invest in polarized sunglasses and remember to take a rest. Your eyes will strain quickly if you are squinting.
  • Slow down and leave extra space between you and the driver ahead if you are dazzled. This will give you more time to regain full control and assess the situation.

“Low winter sun may not deliver a useful tan, but a clear view of the road ahead is vital if you are going to get through the winter as safely,” Richard Gladman said.