The History of Furrows

The history of Furrows is an interesting one and in fact, the company’s name emerged from taking the Ford Franchise in 1918 and becoming a Ford Tractor dealer so Furrows, as in ploughing.

The original home of Furrows was Benbow House in Coton Hill, Shrewsbury, which was the original home of Admiral Benbow, and was purchased by Mr M.Davies in 1906. The name changed to ‘The Shrewsbury Garage’ and even today, Furrows premises on Harlescott Lane is known as The Shrewsbury Garage. The original Shrewsbury Garage had problems with flooding from the nearby River Severn, like much of the county town besides the river, and the garage's location meant that in the days before flood barriers there were regular soakings for both staff and vehicles alike.

The garage began life as an agent for Swift, Sunbeam, Studebaker, Briton and Arrol Johnson cars. By 1913, however, Mr Davies ceased to offer Swift and Studebaker and instead he turned to De Dion, Darraq, Star, Maxwell, Marathon and Argylls. It is worth noting that Mr Davies also operated his carriage-making company, Mountford, from the same site and it was during this time that Mr Davies also began making the Shrewsbury bicycle.