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A boom in car sales is on the cards for early 2017 if buyers are to beat new car tax rules that will raise the cost of owning some of Britain’s most popular models from April
Learner drivers will be allowed to have driving lessons on motorways with a driving instructor, under new plans set out by Transport Minister Andrew Jones
While any amount of sunshine is welcomed at this time of year, the glaring low winter sun is taking no prisoners. So how can you make sure you stay safe on the road?
New research indicates that home charging points for electric cars will be one of the most desirable features of neighbourhoods in 20 years’ time
Silver is still the most popular colour among the 30m-plus cars on the UK’s roads
Many of us take to the road with our pets, but now and again they can pose a few challenges when we’re driving.
Any smokers needing further incentive to quit should be aware that their habit will drag down the value of their vehicle – by up to £2,000.
A new 360° video from TyreSafe depicts the startling difference in braking distances between tyres just below the legal limit and those with full tread.
As the darker evenings set in, a new survey has revealed that more than one in three motorists have felt unsafe while in a car park.
Drivers who eat and drink at the wheel are twice as likely to crash, and the risk may be even higher if the food is hot, messy or you have to unwrap it yourself.
Telford College of Arts and Technology has taken delivery of a new fleet of signwritten vehicles.