Furrows COVID-19 Response - Frequently Asked Questions - 26th March

In response to a number of questions and enquiries that we have received over the past days, we have answered some of those most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

Are any departments still open?

No, all our dealerships and departments are closed until further notice, however it is our plan to review opening on 14th April. We are monitoring government advice on a regular basis and will know more in the future.

What happens if I miss my service?

We cannot extend the date by which you must have the vehicle serviced to stay within the warranty guidelines. The current tolerance is 1 month, in relation to vehicles being serviced in accordance with Ford specifications after the scheduled service due date will be suspended during this time. The distance tolerances remain at 1,000 miles.

My MOT has run out, what do I do?

Cars and vans and motorcycles due their MOT from 30 March 2020 will have their MOT extended by 6 months. This will continue until confirmed otherwise. This will allow vehicle owners to continue to be able to get to work where this absolutely cannot be done from home or do essential shopping. Vehicles must be kept in a roadworthy condition and drivers can be prosecuted if they drive an unsafe vehicle.

Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency have issued 2 guides:

Is my vehicle insured without a MOT?

Contact your insurance company either by telephone or email, they will advise you on their policy. Look to their website to see if they have issued a statement.

I have a problem with my vehicle finance and struggling to meet the payments. Who can I talk to?

Contact your finance company either by telephone or email, they will be able to advise you what steps to take.

I have a service plan with you, and my vehicle service is due, can I take my vehicle elsewhere?

The Service Plan agreement is with Furrows therefore not valid at any other repairer. To pre-book your vehicle in email us at customercare@furrows.co.uk

I have a problem with my vehicle, what should I do?

If it is urgent contact a reputable breakdown company

· The AA 0800 887766

· RAC 0333 2000 999.

· Greenflag 0345 246 1558

· Skoda Assist 0800 526 625

Why is the service department closed when the government guidelines state garages/MOT centres can stay open?

Whilst some garage services are deemed essential, we have taken the difficult decision to postpone all service department appointments to protect and minimise risk to our customers and staff

My new vehicle is due for delivery during the current lockdown, when will I be able to collect my vehicle?

We have made the decision to close our dealership completely, and other businesses down the supply chain have also made this decision, this unfortunately means that no new vehicles will be delivered. A member of our sales team will be in contact as soon as the dealership opens again to discuss the next step. Your vehicle has not been cancelled.

Who can I speak to about purchasing a new or used car, or a new or used commercial vehicle?

If you wish to speak to someone about a new or used car please email dan.foskett@furrows.co.uk and if you want to speak to someone about a used commercial vehicle please email baz.hoare@furrows.co.uk

Our Trade Part Specialist (TPS) is open and from 27th March Parts Plus will be open from 8am for Ford / or any of the VAG brands

· Shrewsbury TPS 01743 454840

· PartsPlus Telford: 01952 980900

We have tried to answer the frequently asked questions we have received over the last few days. If there is anything you need to know please email customercare@furrows.co.uk