Shropshire business proud to support Community Innovation Fund as part of Centenary Celebrations

As part of their centenary celebrations Furrows Group are proud to be supporters of the University Centre Shrewsbury (UCS) Community Innovation Fund.

The Community Innovation Fund will support initiatives that benefit Shropshire. Individuals and organisations who can demonstrate that their initiative will make a positive difference in the county can apply for a share of the £5,000 fund. The fund looks to foster partnerships to make ideas happen, by helping to turn proposals into projects, providing start-up funding, offering the time and input of UCS students and staff, and helping networks and neighbourhoods to develop.

Furrows Chairman, Nic Coward, said “We are celebrating 100 years as a Shropshire business in 2018, and are very proud of all that has been done by Furrows people over the decades in so many different parts of the community. The fund is a great opportunity for us to help create new and exciting partnerships, harnessing the expertise and enthusiasm of UCS, for the benefit of communities across the county.”

The closing date for applications is 31st March 2018.

Who/What will UCS fund?

Applications can be from individuals, a properly formed group, club, committee or charity, who can show that they have charitable/community aims and that their proposal benefits the residents of Shropshire.

• Community Innovation Fund grants will fund new projects.

• Alongside this, initiatives that will be particularly welcomed will have a focus on UCS learning and research areas which are: Medicine and Health; Sustainable Business and Community Development; Heritage and the Built Environment; Creativity, Culture and Place, and Environmental Science and Technology.

Applicants must fulfil at least one of the Community Innovation Fund’s general aims and objectives:

  • ​Contributing to the cultural and/or social life of Shropshire
  • Supporting the regeneration of the local community
  • Encouraging and promoting the economic and commercial vitality of the county
  • Preserving the unique identity of Shropshire and promoting its heritage
  • Creating a socially inclusive and caring community
  • Protecting and improving the environment of the county and promoting sustainable development ​

Who/What will UCS not fund?

• Any individual/group whose aims the University Centre considers to be working within a business or profit making remit cannot apply.

• Applications where those benefitting do not live in Shropshire.

• Projects that have already been completed or items already purchased. ​

How is an application considered?

• The UCS Community Innovation Fund Awards Panel will consider applications on the following basis:

  • How well the grant will meet the needs of the community
  • How effectively the applicant will use the grant
  • Whether the costs are appropriate and realistic
  • Whether the applicant could reasonably have been expected to obtain sufficient funding from a more appropriate source

• Applications for funding must be made on the Community Innovation Fund Application Form.

• Successful applicants will be required to submit a Monitoring Report on the success of their project.

• Applications will be accepted between 15 January and 31 March, 2018 (exact dates beyond 2018 will be confirmed on an annual basis). Grant applications received after the application deadline will not be considered.

• You are expected to provide any additional supporting information and answer any questions the Awards Panel might have.

• All applications will be considered on their individual merits.

• Successful applicants will be required to submit a Monitoring Report on the success of their project.

• The final decision on assessment of applications and the level of any award offered lies with University Centre Shrewsbury.

• Recognition of the grant from the Community Innovation Fund must be made in any publicity and acknowledged on any letterheads and promotional documents. 

Deadline for submissions

31st March 2018

Consideration of application

April to May 2018