Longer days, longer drives: how ŠKODA ENYAQ iV owners make the most of their summer driving ranges

As the warmer months of British summertime approach, all electric cars drivers – including those driving the multi-award-winning ENYAQ iV – are likely to notice that their cars are capable of going further on a charge. Higher ambient temperatures (which allow batteries to work more efficiently) and a reduced need for cabin heating combine to deliver longer driving ranges.

However, what many electric car drivers don’t realise is that with a number of other small ‘life hacks’, summer driving ranges can be extended even further. Although the ENYAQ iV is one of the most efficient and practical long range electric cars in its sector, canny owners will be able to squeeze even more range from their battery packs by introducing a few simple changes to their routine.

Many electric car drivers take advantage of the ENYAQ iV’s remote preconditioning feature that can prepare the car for departure. This brings the battery pack up to the optimum temperature for use and also conditions the cabin to your preferred level of heat. As this can be done when the car is connected to the power supply, the car doesn’t use the battery pack’s energy.

Although many electric car drivers don’t use preconditioning in summer, it can still be a great help in extending range. On hot days, preconditioning while still connected to a charger can bring the cabin temperature down to a more comfortable temperature before setting off. This means that the climate control system doesn’t need to work as hard to reduce the temperature once you’ve set off. This, in turn, means that more of the battery’s energy can be used to drive the wheels - giving the driver more range.

Another clever trick is to choose the perfect parking space. A shady spot will prevent the cabin temperature from soaring when you’re away. A cooler car will require less energy to condition to the perfect temperature - saving battery energy.

Reduce drag and weight
Summer is often a time when cars gain a host of additions in the form of roof boxes and bike racks. While these are often essential items for adventure breaks, they have a detrimental effect on the efficiency of your electric car. Roof boxes and bike racks can dramatically add to wind resistance at high speeds. As the car has to work harder to overcome the drag created by something like a roof box, more of its battery energy is used. To keep the ENYAQ iV working as efficiently as possible, removing items such as roof boxes and bike racks when not in use will allow drivers to go further on a charge.

The same also applies to extra weight. Every kilogram of weight carried by an electric car affects its efficiency. The more weight a car has to carry, the more energy is needed to move it. Remember to check under boot floors to check that you’re not carrying forgotten cargo that might have the potential to take miles off your range.

Smarter driving
For all the efficiency systems available to ENYAQ iV owners, it’s always the driver who has the biggest influence on an electric car’s range. As in winter, anticipatory driving is an important skill to perfect. As well as providing a longer range (using the regeneration system will add energy back into the battery), it’s also safer. Keep a safe distance from the cars ahead, slow down smoothly for corners and use driver assistance systems to help you drive at an even speed.

Stay sneeze-free by changing your pollen filter
It is estimated that more than 13 million* people in the UK suffer with hay fever. Fortunately, ŠKODA’s advanced Climatronic air conditioning system uses various sensors to monitor the car’s interior air quality. If necessary, the system responds by performing three functions simultaneously; catch fine dust particles, help prevent allergens from entering the interior cabin, and can absorb unpleasant odours.

For this to work optimally, drivers should remember to change their cabin air filters regularly; ideally at the start of the pollen season in Spring. Drivers wanting to change their pollen filters should contact their nearest retailer for more information.