Topping up your screen wash is something that is very simple to do, but also very important. Having an adequate amount of screen wash means that you can keep your windscreen clear with full visibility from the front and back windscreen.

  • Release bonnet catch (this is usually located underneath or around your steering wheel)
  • Lift bonnet and secure with bonnet prop
  • Locate washer bottle (the cap usually has an image of a windscreen being sprayed with water)
  • If you are unsure where this is refer to the owners manual
  • Remove cap
  • Fill washer fluid to the correct level - this will be marked on the reservoir
  • Replace cap on washer fluid reservoir
  • Remove bonnet prop and put bonnet down

Your washer fluid is now topped up and you are ready to go. You should check that you have sufficient washer fluid every two weeks. It is advisable to check your washer fluid more frequently during winter.

If you would like more guidance on how to top up your screen wash or any other vehicle maintenance information, contact your nearest Furrows dealership here.