Maintaining the power steering in your car is as important as checking the brake fluid and tyre pressure. If your power steering stops working your car will become much harder to control and you may end up in a hazardous position.

Follow the steps below to check your power steering levels:

  • Open the bonnet
  • Locate the power steering reservoir - this should have a steering wheel icon on it or the word 'STEERING'
  • Wipe any dirt or debris from the reservoir and cap (this will ensure that no dirt or debris gets in and contaminates the system)
  • Remove the dipstick
  • Wipe it clean
  • Reinsert it and remove to check the level of power steering fluid

If your power steering fluid level is low and you need to top up you should pour the fluid slowly until you reach the max mark on the reservoir. Be careful not to spill the fluid.

If you would like more guidance on how to check/replace the power steering fluid in your vehicle or any other vehicle maintenance information, contact your nearest Furrows dealership here.