Your windscreen should be clear at all times to ensure that you have full visibility while driving. Making sure that your wipers are in good condition is vital as over time rubber blades will deteriorate and dry out, mainly due to use and the sun, which means that it becomes harder to clear your windscreen.

Make sure that you know which blades you need. If you are unsure, you can use your vehicle details to check. Most cars have wipers that feature a U hook - this simply refers to the shape of the hook. If your car does not have these wiper blades, you may need to refer to the owners manual for details on how to remove and replace your wiper blades.

Follow the tips below to remove your U hook wiper blades:

  • Turn on your ignition
  • Switch on your wipers until they are in an upright position (this makes it easier to replace the blades)
  • Turn off your engine
  • Remove the old blade by turning it so it's at a right angle to the wiper arm.
  • Press the securing clip and firmly pull the blade downwards

To attach your new wiper blade you need to:

  • Hold the blade at a right angle to the wiper arm
  • Carefully feed this into the blade arm until you hear a click
  • Lower the blade slowly back onto the glass

If you would like more guidance on how to change your wiper blades or any other vehicle maintenance information, contact your nearest Furrows dealership here.