Paintless dent removal

Paintless Dent Removal or PDR for short is a cost-effective method for repairing dents from a car's bodyword by shaping the panel back to it's original position. Using PDR techniques means there is no need to fill or repaint the damaged panel, and therefore it can make the process chaper and much quicker to carry out.

How does Paintless Dent Removal work?

PDR is a specialist procedure carried out by our ATA Technicians. Using expert tools our technicians carefully manipulate the panel back into it's original shape. The reshaping work is often completed from inside of the body panel, using metal rods and picks that massage out the bumps and dents. Deeper dents are usually repaired through different stages, carefully moving the panel back into position, bit by bit.

Benefits of Paintless Dent Removal

1. Retain the manufacturer paintwork - Because PDR involves no paint respraying, your vehicle will retain it's original look from the manufacturer. No need to worry about the perfect finish or paint mismatch.

2. Cost-effectiveness - Because PDR is quick and doesn't require any paint work, it's often cheaper than the alternative.

3. It can be used on dents of almost any size - As long as the paint hasn't been broken, then PDR is suitable for small bumps or much bigger dents.

4. Maintain the value of your vehicle - Minor bumps or dents can affect the value of your vehicle when you come to sell it, so the best option is to use PDR.

5. No need to get your insurance involved - As the cost of PDR can often be cheaper than your insurance excess there is no need to get your insurer involved. Not claiming on your insurance can also help keep your premiums down, and ensure you retain your No-Claims Discount.