From the ultra-high-performance Ford GT supercar to the “bad-ass” Ranger Raptor pickup, Forza Horizon 4 lets driving game fans experience some of Ford’s most exclusive and exciting models in locations around the world.

Among the latest additions is one that might come as a surprise. This legendary, original Transit Mk 1 van from 1965 – complete with humble 75 horsepower engine – is now available to download, modify and race in the game. And thanks to faithfully recreated looks and driving experience, the practical classic van can be just as much fun as the game’s faster Fords.

So how does a vehicle like Transit make its way into the Forza Horizon 4? The virtual van is modelled on the immaculate real-life version from Ford of Britain’s heritage collection.

Photographers from the Forza’s home studio take up to 1,000 photos to capture vehicles from every angle — inside and out — giving the game’s 3D modelling team a huge database of images to work from. From this database the team produces perfect digital replicas, right down to the detail of the Transit’s door hinge bolts.

A dedicated physics team recreates the driving performance delivered by the engine, suspension and — in this case at least — a spacious body designed for hauling big loads rather than setting lap records.

“The Ford Transit is such a unique car that we wanted to have the very first one in the game,” said Miko Russell, Forza Horizon 4 photographer. “We like to switch it up on people a little bit!”