The Kia EV6 introduces a suite of advanced technologies designed to inspire the driver in its cabin and provide a holistic on-board user experience. Intuitive and easily accessible connectivity, information and augmented reality systems complement the driving experience by minimising distractions and appealing to the senses.

Two curved 12.3-inch high-definition widescreens wrap around the driver providing easy access to key vehicle information at a glance. Directly in front of the driver is a customisable ‘cluster screen’ which displays information such as speed, remaining all-electric range and state of charge. Adjacent is a central display screen combining the navigation, infotainment, and menu systems. These screens are paired together in a seamless curve, creating a panoramic feeling that is immersive and unobstructed under all driving conditions. The chemically strengthened glass ensures high visibility and robustness, with thin film panels that reduce the impact of light.

The EV6 also features an augmented reality (AR) head-up display system on ‘GT-Line S’ models, which projects driving information onto the base of the windscreen in the driver’s line of sight. Seamless communication between the navigation system, on-board camera, and Head-Up Display (HUD) projects turn-by-turn directions on the road ahead to keep the driver looking forward at all times. The augmented reality display and the two screens provide all the information the driver needs without having to look elsewhere. The system also displays alerts from the car’s Advanced Driver Assistance System, as well as details on speed limits and current vehicle speeds.

Convenience features such as keyless entry with touch-sensitive entry buttons, programmable driver profiles, relaxation seats, and ergonomic design create an experience that puts the driver first. From the automatic flush-fitting handles that emerge from the car body, through to the intuitive touch-sensitive interfaces and the Augmented Reality HUD, every journey in the EV6 is designed to improve human-machine interaction and promote a sense of well-being.

A powerful 14-speaker Meridian surround audio system is also available on ‘GT-Line S’ versions, a first for Kia, delivering a truly immersive sound experience. The 14-speaker audio system has been engineered by the experts at Meridian and features several of the British audio pioneer’s proprietary digital signal processing (DSP) technologies. Meridian’s core sound philosophy has been integrated into the EV6 allowing customers to enjoy natural, lifelike, and authentic audio on the move.

The speaker system also offers Active Sound Design (ASD), a newly developed feature by Kia which provides drivers with audible feedback to the speed that the car is travelling and controlled via a user interface. Drivers have a choice of three different soundscapes, and can adjust their volume – or turn off the ASD system altogether.

Sound absorbent materials in the floor, wheel arches, doors, boot lid and tyres reduce road and wind noise, creating a quiet and serene space for all occupants. Acoustic windshield and door glass further improve the on-board experience giving the EV6 a sound rating equal to higher-class premium models.