I'm already on the Motability Scheme - Changing cars

If you are already on the Motability Scheme and already have a vehicle on the scheme from Furrows or another provider, the process of changing in to a new vehicle couldn't be any easier.

Below we've included a countdown of things you should plan ahead for, when you are coming to the end of your current lease.

If you do have any questions about anything you read below, please get in contact with a member of our Motability team by calling the numbers below and asking to speak with a 'Kia Motability Specialist'.

Telford - 01952 641433

Shrewsbury - 01743 454444

Three to Six months before the end of your current lease....

  • Start considering what you want from your next motability vehicle.
  • Review your current motability vehicle, did it have everything you needed, did it suit your circumstances and needs.
  • Write a list of all the requirements of your next vehicle, consider your likely needs over the next 3 years and if they are likely to change.
  • Make a shortlist of the vehicles that are suitable for your needs. - View our Kia Motability Vehicles

Three months before the end of your current lease....

  • Consider adaptations if you think you need them, visit our adaptions page for more info...
  • Take a test drive in your shortlisted vehicles, to discover which is most suitable for your needs.
  • Make sure your name and address details are up to date with both the DVLA and the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) or Veterans UK.
  • Place your order with your local Furrows dealer. Make sure you tell your dealer about anyone you wish to drive the car, including yourself. This is the case even if you’re keeping the same driver as on your current lease. Take a look at our Step-by-step guide to ordering your new car.
  • Once placed, Motability just need a few days to check your application before it's passed back to Furrows to order your car.
  • You can use the Motability Application Checker to find out if your application has passed the relevant checks.

Two months before the end of your current lease....

  • ​Your current motability supplier should have already contacted you to arrange the MOT test for your current car. If this has not happened, please contact your managing dealer as soon as possible to book the test.
  • ​Look out for your new Personal Identification Number (PIN). Motability will send this to you along with all the information about your new lease and the Terms and Conditions. Bring it with you when you pick up your new car.

One month before the end of your current lease....

  • ​If you have adaptations fitted to your car, you don't have to remove them, but if you want to, please arrange this with your local adaptations installer. You are responsible for the costs involved in removing any adaptations, which will need to be made payable directly to the adaptations installer.
  • Furrows will keep in touch with you about the delivery date of your new vehicle. Don’t worry if there’s a delay. Furrows will arrange for you to stay in your current car until the new one is ready.

Collection Day!!!

  • When collecting your new car, don’t forget to bring your driving licence plus the letter Motability sent you which includes your PIN
  • Return your current car to us
  • Hand back any documentation and equipment that was given to you with the car, such as the manufacturer handbook and any spare keys (including any red keys issued). This could also include a key for locking wheel nuts, a tyre inflation kit, radio or key codes, Satnav SD card, remote controls, parcel shelves or additional seats.
  • We will take a brief condition description of the car. Provided the car is in good condition you could receive a bonus from Motability a few weeks later.
  • Check that you and/or your nominated drivers are on your new insurance cover note.
  • Make sure we have your correct contact details so we can contact you during your lease with important information such as service reminders.
  • Before you leave the dealership we'll give you a full run through of all the vehicles feature, but make sure to ask if you are ensure of anything.

And finally drive away in your new car!!!