How much does an electric car cost?

The cost depends on which vehicle you buy. There are some government incentives that make it cheaper to buy a new EV. The Plug-in Car Grant reduces the price of a battery electric vehicle by up to £2,500. 

Lower maintenance costs

Servicing and maintaining an electric car is simpler and cheaper, which saves you money. This is due to the fact that electric cars engines have just three main components and fewer moving parts than a combustion engine. Petrol and diesel cars on the other hand are very complex and have hundreds of components that can wear, fail or need replacing.

Electricity is cheaper than petrol or diesel

Electricity is cheap, especially when you charge your vehicle at home. Driving a car on electricity can cost around a third of an equivalent petrol or diesel car.

Tax benefits

You could save around £500 during the first three years of ownership, as there is no yearly or first-year tax with an electric vehicle.

BiK tax for company car drivers

Company car tax is drastically lower if you drive an electric car.