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How do Plug-in Hybrid cars work?

Plug-In Hybrids offer you an enhanced level of power output — that can be drawn from both a petrol engine and cable-rechargeable battery. This balanced engineering solution uses a bigger battery, ensuring you'll use more electricity and less petrol. It means you'll enjoy optimal fuel economy and better overall driving range, while lowering your carbon footprint on every journey you make.

Plug-In Hybrid cars are a type of electric hybrid car. They use both an engine and an electric battery that work together to power your vehicle. Our diagram shows in more detail how all the components collaborate to get you moving more efficiently.

Diagram showing how a Plug-In Hybrid works, with labels for different PHEV components.

Benefits of a plug-in hybrid car

If you're looking for a more sustainable driving experience without committing to an electric car, a Plug-In Hybrid car (PHEV) is an ideal option. Plug-In Hybrids come with numerous benefits, including low-emission driving and improved economy. Experience these benefits for yourself with Kia.

Optimal performance

Enhanced driveability delivered by the combined performance of a petrol driven engine and electric motor.

Electric only drive

PHEVs are good for your wallet and our planet. With your battery fully charged, you can make most short daily journeys without using even a drop of petrol.

Long distance driving

Similar to a hybrid, the plug-in hybrid's combustion engine lets you drive long distances once the all-electric range has been utilised.

Kia Plug-in Hybrid Car Range

Niro Plug-In HybridNiro Plug-In Hybrid

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Sportage Plug-In HybridSportage Plug-In Hybrid

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Sorento Plug-In Hybrid​Sorento Plug-In Hybrid

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XCeed Plug-In HybridXCeed Plug-In Hybrid

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Kia Niro PHEV being charged via a public charging station. Cost of ownership for Plug-In Hybrids

Our range of plug-in hybrid vehicles are fuel and tax efficient, which makes them equally suitable for personal or business purpose.

From lower road and company car tax to savings on fuel, our range of Kia Plug-In Hybrid vehicles shine when it comes to running costs.

A fully connected experienceKia Connect

The Kia Connect app allows you to interact with your Kia plug-in hybrid in new and convenient ways.

Whether you want to check progress on your charging session or want to customise your vehicle settings, the Kia Connect app will become an invaluable tool.

Kia EV owner paying for electricity via a bp pulse tap point. PHEV Charging

Charging is essential when opting for a Kia plug-in hybrid vehicle whether at home or at a public charge station.

With a competitive energy tariff you can take full advantage of the electric range of your plug-in hybrid and make significant savings on fuel.

Kia Plug-In Hybrid car with 7-year warranty logo.

Pioneering 7 Year Warranty

A sustainable car is one that lasts, and that’s very much how we design our vehicles. Every Kia electric car benefits from our 7 Year Warranty that also covers you for up to 100,000 miles, giving you reassurance and protection against unexpected costs.

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Future inspired. Technically Brilliant.

The Kia electrified range offers you powertrains designed to take on the future of driving. Plus, make every journey an inspired one with Kia connect — offering you advanced onboard features and app-enabled services to keep you connected along the way.