Introducing the all-new Kia Niro EV. Pioneering electric.

Pave the way for the electric future with Kia. Our all-new Niro is now available in three energy-efficient, environment-friendly powertrains: Hybrid, Plug-In Hybrid, and Electric. Packed with the latest technology, each option showcases a newly-refined crossover exterior, and stylish interior featuring sustainable materials.

Join us at the Kia Electric Experience event

The Kia Electric Experience is coming to Furrows Kia Telford on Monday 30th May and Furrows Kia Shrewsbury on Tuesday 31st May. Book now to be one of the first to see the unveiling of the all-new Kia Niro EV, the latest addition showcasing Kia’s leadership in electrification. You’ll also be able to get hands-on with our award winning EV6 and all-new Sportage.

Explore the Kia range and discover which electrified Kia suits your needs!

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Immerse yourself in the driving experience of tomorrow.


  • 64.8 kWh lithium-ion battery
  • 1 speed automatic transmission
  • Range of 285 miles*
  • 201 bhp
  • 750Kg towing capacity

Plug-In Hybrid

  • 1.6 petrol engine
  • 11.1 kWh lithium-ion polymer battery
  • 6 speed DCT automatic
  • 180 bhp
  • 1,300Kg towing capacity

Hybrid Electric

  • 1.6 petrol engine
  • 1.32 kWh lithium-ion polymer battery
  • 6 speed DCT automatic
  • 139 bhp
  • 1,300Kg towing capacity

Leaders in electrification

Our future focused powertrains mean you have a variety of ultra-modern options when choosing your next car. The Niro also lets you power your electronic appliances with one simple connector thanks to its Vehicle-to-Device (V2D) functionality.

Innovative technology

Get everything you want from a cutting-edge car. With intuitive features like the Head-Up Display that helps you keep your eyes on the road, and Remote Smart Park Assist to guide you into even the tightest spots, its time to feel inspired.

Smart design

Like the Aero-C-Pillar that adds contrasts to the side and lets air flow underneath it to reduce air turbulence behind the car. Or the versatile body type that gives you more space to move.