Rafael Nadal and Kia Motors team up to inspire children during the pandemic

Kia Motors Corporation helped bring together its global brand ambassador, Rafael Nadal, with five children from the Rafa Nadal Foundation in Spain for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to virtually meet their hero.

In the heartwarming conversation between Nadal and the group of children, he opened up about the difficulty he experienced during the first weeks of the COVID-19 lockdown and coming to terms with the situation. He also described his 20th Grand Slam victory as not being the same without his fans and loved ones being there to celebrate in person.

Kia brought the children together with Rafa as part of its #TakeOn20 campaign. The initiative, which launched in October, galvanised fans from around the world to support Rafa to his record-equaling 20th Grand Slam victory at the French Open, despite being unable to physically travel to Paris to watch him. The campaign shed a light on the support everyone needs in this particularly tough year, and Kia committed to provide additional support to those most in need through the Rafa Nadal Foundation.

On Kia’s on-going support for the Rafa Nadal Foundation, Nadal said, “Kia’s support is vital to allowing the Rafa Nadal Foundation to grow. With the extra resources, we can increase the number of children we can help as well as the quality of the programs we offer.”

The Rafa Nadal Foundation, which Kia has supported since it opened its doors, celebrates its 10-year anniversary this year. Through education and sports, the Foundation aims to help children and teenagers around the world by offering them equal opportunities. Discussing their goals, Rafa said, “Because of where these children were born and their family situation, they have an uncertain future. We want to provide them with the tools for their personal and social development.”

Artur Martins, Head of Global Brand & Customer Experience at Kia Motors Corporation, recognised the efforts of the Foundation and said, “To be able to support the Rafa Nadal Foundation brings us great pride here at Kia. The work the team across the world has been doing for these children over the last 10 years has been incredible and we hope our support will continue to make a difference.”

Throughout the online meeting, the children joked with the 20-time Grand Slam winner about their favorite sports, films and even what gym equipment Rafa had at home during the first few months of the pandemic.

The oldest member of the group, 15-year old Dani, describes the Foundation as being like a second family. Having been a part of the Foundation for four years, it has helped him with every part of his life and he has made lots of friends.