Mazda M Hybrid

What is a Mazda M Hybrid car?

Mazda M Hybrid is an innovative evolution of hybrid car technology. It uses a small generator to capture energy that is normally wasted during braking. It stores that energy using it to assist the engine, saving fuel in the process by powering the car's electrical systems and optimising your drive. So it's not the same as a plug in hybrid, or a conventional hybrid electric vehicle - no plug or charging is required.


Mazda3 is available with the groundbreaking Mazda M Hybrid technology. A car that looks great on the outside and inside - that's designed to make you feel you're looking at a work of art - not just a car. 

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All-New CX-30

The all-new Mazda CX-30 is the first compact SUV to be offered with the revolutionary Mazda M Hybrid technology. A car with the flowing beauty of a coupe and the bold toughness of an SUV. ​

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2020 Mazda2

Thanks to Mazda M Hybrid the 2020 Mazda2^ combines a sporty yet smooth driving experience with a reassuring sense of control and excellent fuel economy. ^Available on manual transmission models only.

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